The Bahamas welcomes this

global partnership opportunity.

Located in the Sustainability area of Expo 2020, The Bahamas Pavillion will not only highlight the still pristine beauty of our country showcasing our sun, sand and sea but all of its natural ecosystems and biodiversity as well as its cherished traditions, ancestral heritage, rich history and delicious cuisine.


 With the World’s attention on climate change, The Bahamas stands in the forefront of the impact of of such changes, particularly with regard to our survival and sustainable future. The responsibility lies with the global community to affect the interventions to minimize global warming. While The Bahamas has contributed little to global warming, the worsening climate crisis has caused and will continue to impact our small island nation.



 It will leave visitors in awe of the beauty of The Bahamas (its natural world and its people) and at the same time, educate visitors about the unique vulnerabilities The Bahamas faces to climate change.  It will inspire visitors to embrace a sense of collective responsibility for the welfare of small island nations at the frontlines of the climate crisis and persuade visitors that vacationing in The Bahamas is a way to do something to support the small island nation to build climate resilience.


The Pavillion will not only be inspirational but will also seek to give visitors a Taste of The Bahamas with culinary delights and quality, authentically Bahamian merchandise for purchase in the retail section.

The Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion

The Pavillion will not only bring to life the tropical beauty of our country but will also showcase the resilience of the Bahamian people, our mitigating strategies to curtail the ravages of climate change as well as to make the case to the World that The Bahamas is open for business and investment like never before in the aftermath of Dorian and Covid 19.




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